Games Restart Schedule

Dear members,
Now that travel restrictions are lifted from June 29th, we are able to launch a programme of events, that all members can attend. We have successfully rolled out new Covid 19 protocols for running games competitions which have been used in local practice sessions in both the South East and North East areas. I would urge everyone to familiarise themselves with these protocols.

Initially our focus will be on individual competitions, then pairs and finally teams. I’m delighted to announce that we will be running separate Irish Individual, Pairs and Teams championships during July and August as well as regional events by area. Key dates are
Ø Irish Individuals Championship – 2 day – Stradbally – July 25th/26th
Ø Irish Pairs Championship – 2 Day Venue TBC Aug 1st/2nd
Ø Irish Teams Championship – 2 Day – August 22nd/23rd

In addition, we have a series of 1 day friendly competitions as follows;
Ø July 4th – U12/U14 Individuals – Tipperary – D Blackwell
Ø July 4th – U17/Opens Individuals – Meath – Weldons
Ø July 11th – All Ages Individuals – Stradbally
Ø Aug 8th/9th – All Ages Individuals – Abbotstown

As well as national competitions, local areas are also organising local events.
Further dates will be added for September once we get visibility of MGA NI plans

Its good to be back and looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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