MGAI 2022 Update

2022 Membership

The 2022 memberships are now due and membership is opened on Its plain sailing:

MGAI Code of Conduct and policies

The various codes of conduct and policies of MGAI have been updated and consolidated into a single document that we ask our members to read and agree to abide by when joining in 2022.  This document is available at:

2022 Schedule

An update to our 2022 Schedule is contained on the MGAI Website

The major competitions for the MGAI calendar are:

Sat 21st and Sun 22nd May 2022MGAI Irish Masters
Sat 9 and Sun 10 July 2022MGAI Irish Team Championships
Sat 13 and Sun 14 Aug 2022MGAI Individuals Championships
Sat 17 and Sun 18 Sept 2022MGAI Pairs Championships

Of course we are also hosting the IMGA World Pairs Championships from 28 – 30 July 2022. Help will be needed from all our members to run this IMGA event.

Celtic League

MGA Ireland – MGANI – MGA Scotland are well advanced in planning a teams Celtic League for 2022.  It will run over 3 weekends (currently planned are 23-24 April in Scotland; 9-10 July in Ireland and 1-2 October in Northern Ireland).  Teams will score over the 3 events and this will be a great way to enhance team competitions in each country.  Further details will be finalised over the next couple of weeks.

IMGA Rules

There are a number of important updates to the IMGA rule book, the most significant of which is the introduction of yellow and red cards.  Please familarise yourself with the updated rules at: .  Hard copies of the rule book can be purchased from either MGAI (limited copies will be in stock – order on Itsplainsailing) or directly from IMGA at the link above. Alternatively the PDF rule book may be downloaded from the IMGA website.  MGAI runs all its competitions under the IMGA rule book.

Spring league

Spring league will be commencing on this Saturday 5 February in Cork Show Grounds and this Sunday 6 February in Punchestown.  It will run as a minimum of 10 events over 7 weeks, where  6 events will count and scores will be simply on number of pairs in your heat down to 1 regardless of which venue you are competing in.  There will be a finals day on Sunday 27 March in Punchestown.

Mark Crowe,

Chairman MGAI

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