Irish Individuals 2020

Entries via Its Plain Sailing

Directions:  Full Address: Stradbally Hall, Stradbally, County Laois R32 YC5X


  • 3 Sessions and a final.
  • Sessions 1, 2 & 3 will consist of 7 races.
  • A Finals will consist of 10 races.
  • Lower Finals will consist of 8 races.
  • Scores from heats will determine placings for finals.
  • 5 point penalty point if Assistant Referees don’t check into required Heats.
  • Colour Coded Tee Shirts for all A Finalists


Arena 1 – U12s & U14 
StartFinishHeatAssistant Refs
09:0009:45U12 Session 1 Heat 1U14 S1H1
09:4510:30U12 Session 1 Heat 2U14 S1H2
10:3011:15U12 Session 1 Heat 3U12 S1H1
11:1512:00U14 Session 1 Heat 1U12 S1H2
12:0012:45U14 Session 1 Heat 2U12 S1H3
14:0014:45U12 Session 2 Heat 1U14 S2H1
14:4515:30U12 Session 2 Heat 2U14 S2H2
15:3016:15U12 Session 2 Heat 3U12 S2H1
16:1517:00U14 Session 2 Heat 1U12 S2H2
17:0017:45U14 Session 2 Heat 2U12 S2H3
09:0009:45U12 Session 3 Heat 1U14 S3H1
09:4510:30U12 Session 3 Heat 2U14 S3H2
10:3011:15U12 Session 3 Heat 3U12 S3H1
11:1512:00U14 Session 3 Heat 1U12 S3H2
12:0012:45U14 Session 3 Heat 2U12 S3H3
13:3014:20U12 C FinalU12 A Final
14:2015:10U12 B FinalU14 B Final
15:1016:10U12 A FinalU14 A Final
16:1017:00U14 B FinalU12 C Final
17:0018:00U14 A FinalU12 B Final
Arena 2 – U17s & Open
StartFinishHeatAssistant Refs
08:0008:45U17 Session 1 Heat 1Open S1H2
08:4509:30U17 Session 1 Heat 2Open S1H3
09:3010:15U17 Session 1 Heat 3U17 S1H1
10:1511:00Open Session 1 Heat 1U17 S1H2
11:0011:45Open Session 1 Heat 2U17 S1H3
11:4512:30Open Session 1 Heat 3Open S1H1
13:3014:15U17 Session 2 Heat 1Open S2H2
14:1515:00U17 Session 2 Heat 2Open S2H3
15:0015:45U17 Session 2 Heat 3U17 S2H1
15:4516:30Open Session 2 Heat 1U17 S2H2
16:3017:15Open Session 2 Heat 2U17 S2H3
17:1518:00Open Session 2 Heat 3Open S2H1
08:0008:45U17 Session 3 Heat 1Open S3H2
08:4509:30U17 Session 3 Heat 2Open S3H3
09:3010:15U17 Session 3 Heat 3U17 S3H1
10:1511:00Open Session 3 Heat 1U17 S3H2
11:0011:45Open Session 3 Heat 2U17 S3H3
11:4512:30Open Session 3 Heat 3Open S3H1
13:3014:20U17 C FinalOpen B Final
14:2015:10U17 B FinalOpen A Final
15:1016:10U17 A FinalU17 C Final
16:1017:00Open C FinalU17 B Final
17:0017:50Open B FinalU17 A Final
17:5018:50Open A FinalOpen C Final


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