Irish Masters 2020

Entries via Its Plain Sailing

Directions: Postal Code Y21 VR83. Please note arena field is .6 miles down a gravel path from entrance postal code.

• 3 Sessions and a final.
• Sessions 1, 2 & 3 will consist of 9 races. Split into 6 pairs races and 3 individual races.
• Finals will consist of 12 races. Split into 8 pairs races and 4 individual races.
• Each pair will nominate which member will be the Individual rider representing their pair in each session, each rider must do the individual races in 2 sessions.
• Riders must declare which riders will compete in which individual races before each session.
• There will be a joker race (double points) for the finals. Each pair must declare their joker race before the start of the final. The joker race must be a pairs race.
• There will be spot prizes for selected races in the A finals. As well as prizes for Winners/Runners up.

Games List

Session 1Session 2
HiLo (Pairs)Bank race (Pairs)
Ball and Bucket (Pairs)Sword (Pairs)
Carton (Individuals)Bottle Swap (Individuals)
Litter (Pairs)Ball and cone (Pairs)
Mug Shuffle (Pairs)Hula Hoop (Pairs)
Hula Hoop  (Individuals)2 Flag (Individuals)
Bottle Shuttle (Pairs)3 Mug (Pairs)
Association (Individuals)Run and Ride( Pairs)
Flag Fliers (Pairs)Triple Flag (Individuals)
Session 3Final
Agility Aces (Pairs)Bank Race (Pairs)
Speed Weavers (Pairs)Tool Box scramble (Pairs)
3 Pot Flag (Individuals)3 Mug (Individuals)
Bottle exchange (Pairs)Bottle Exchange (Pairs)
Flag Fliers (Pairs)Association (Pairs)
Tool Box scramble (Individuals)Ball and Bucket (Individuals)
4 Flag (Pairs)4 Flag (Pairs)
Hug a Mug (Pairs)Carton (Pairs)
Moat and Castle (Individuals)Litter (Individuals)
Hula Hoop (Pairs)
2 Flag (Pairs)
Sword (Individuals)


StartFinishHeatAssistant Refs
10:0010:50U12 Session 1 Heat 1U14 S1H1
10:5011:40U14 Session 1 Heat 1U12 S1H1
11:4012:30U17 Session 1 Heat 1Open S1H1
12:3013:20Open Session 1 Heat 1U17 S1H2
14:0014:50U12 Session 2 Heat 1U14 S2H1
14:5015:40U14 Session 2 Heat 1U12 S2H1
15:4016:30U17 Session 2 Heat 1Open S2H1
16:3017:20Open Session 2 Heat 1U17 S2H1
08:0008:50U12 Session 3 Heat 1U14 S3H1
08:5009:40U14 Session 3 Heat 1U12 S3H1
09:4010:30U17 Session 3 Heat 1Open S3H1
10:3011:20Open Session 3 Heat 1U17 S3H1
12:0013:00U12 FinalU14 Final
13:0014:00U14 FinalU12 Final
14:0015:00U17 FinalOpen Final
15:0016:00Open FinalU17  Final

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