Irish Pairs 2020

Entries via Its Plain Sailing

Directions: Postal Code E91 X6H3. Full Address: Ballypatrick Clonmel Co. Tipperary  By Kind permission of Blackwell/O’Reilly Family.


  • 3 Sessions and a final.
  • Sessions 1, 2 & 3 will consist of 8 races.
  • A Finals will consist of 10 races.
  • Lower Finals will consist of 8 races.
  • U14 and U17 scores from heats will be carried forward into finals but double points in Finals.
  • 5 point penalty point if Assistant Referees don’t check into required Heats.
  • Colour Coded Tee Shirts for all A Finalists

Games List

Session 1Session 2Session 3
Speed weaversBank raceHilo*
Balls and Buckets*Agility AcesTool box scramble
Carton raceSword LancersBottle exchange
Ball and coneAssociation raceThree mug race
Mug Shuffle (1)/Windsor castle (2)Bottle shuttleWindsor Castle(1)/Mug Shuffle(2)
Litter scoopHug-a-MugFour flag
Founders raceCarton raceTwo flag
Four flagHooplaFlag fliers
A FinalLower finals
Hi LoHi Lo
Bottle swapBank race
Litter liftersBottle Swap
Tool box scrambleTool box scramble
Bank raceMug Shuffe
Windsor castleThree mug race
Mug ShuffeHula Hoop
Three mug raceFlag Fliers
Hula Hoop
Flag Fliers


Arena 2 – U14s & U17 
StartFinishHeatAssistant Refs
11:0011:50U14 Session 1 Heat 1U17 S1H2
11:5012:40U17 Session 1 Heat 1U14 S1H1
12:4013:30U17 Session 1 Heat 2U17 S1H1
14:3015:20U14 Session 2 Heat 1U17 S2H2
15:2016:10U17 Session 2 Heat 1U14 S2H1
16:1017:00U17 Session 2 Heat 2U17 S2H1
08:0008:50U14 Session 3 Heat 1U17 S3H2
08:5009:40U17 Session 3 Heat 1U14 S3H1
09:4010:30U17 Session 3 Heat 2U17 S3H1
Arena 1 – U12s & Open & all Finals
StartFinishHeatAsst Refs
11:0011:50U12 Session 1 Heat 1Open S1H2
11:5012:40Open Session 1 Heat 1U12 S1H1
12:4013:30Open Session 1 Heat 2Open S1H1
14:3015:20U12 Session 2 Heat 1Open S2H2
15:2016:10Open Session 2 Heat 1U12 S2H1
16:1017:00Open Session 2 Heat 2Open S2H1
08:0008:50U12 Session 3 Heat 1Open S3H2
08:5009:40Open Session 3 Heat 1U12 S3H1
09:4010:30Open Session 3 Heat 2Open S3H1
10:3010:45Presentaton of A Final T Shirts
11:0012:00U12 A FinalU14 A Final
12:0013:00U14 A FinalU12 A Final
13:0013:50U17 B FinalU17 A Final
13:5014:40Open B FinalOpen A Final
14:4015:40U17 A FinalU17 B Final
15:4016:40Open A FinalOpen B Final


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