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Important Information for based ponies/riders traveling to WPC 2022

Since the last time Ireland hosted the 2019 European Championships, something called Brexit has occurred which has meant there are now a series of equine travel requirements which were not present before for GB based riders. These at first may appear daunting but the WPC 2022 organisers are committed to demystifying the process and supporting you in your travel plans. 

It is important to call out that you don’t need to use a commercial equine transporter to transport your ponies separately across the Irish Sea. You can continue to use your own horse lorries to transport your ponies which is much more cost effective than availing of a commercial transporter. 

A key point to emphasise is all of the following advice is based on the non-commercial aspect of our sport. If you have any sponsorship logos etc on the side of your lorries,  you should consider removing them to be considered ‘non-commercial’. 

Whilst the regulations for travel to the Republic of Ireland(ROI) are the same as Mainland EU,  there is a key difference from the Irish Department of Agriculture is that there is a ‘pragmatic’ approach. One thing we also need to stress is that there are absolutely no CPC and Transporter authorisation requirements coming to Ireland.

Brexit requires two basic checks, veterinary and customs. From MGAI members own experience of traveling to GB since Brexit, we strongly recommend that you avail of the services of a specialist agent in this area and MGAI are happy to recommend Bramhams of Buckingham as a trusted partner. They have the ability to act as an EU & UK Customs agent, this dual ability comes via a sister company based in Ireland. Consequently you will not need appoint anyone else for all aspects of the travel plans and they would also take care of the EU/UK Import and Export customs, health papers, vets(including blood checks), PBNs/GMR, Bond security.  In addition, they offer free advice and explain all the processes while at the Border Controls. You will have 24hr / 7 Days on call team members who will have prior knowledge of your movements and able to assist with any last-minute changes you might encounter which removes any of these concerns from your travel plans. 

Some Planning Considerations;

  • Before you book your ferry, contact an agent or transporter and tell them when you plan to travel as you need a Pre-Boarding notification (PBN) ref number as part of the ferry booking process. 
  • Bramhams would book the vet, and there is no 90 day rule for booking in advance. The blood results are valid for 90 days, and only needed on entry to the EU. The blood tests take around 3-4 days, testing for coggins which most go to the UK Government Waybridge site. The cost of the test is around £30-£40. The vast majority of the costs are if the vet has to make a special visit.. 
  • Approximate costs:  For travel through Republic of Ireland ports from GB, customs and vet papers for a round trip single pony are approximately £400. 2nd pony on the same lorry £300. The big savings are always when you fill a lorry.
  • For Scottish based riders traveling via Northern ireland, the same animal health requirements are required but custom requirements differ. Costs therefore to ponies traveling via Northern Ireland will be less. Details to follow 
  • For mainland European competitors coming direct on Ferries via France, no change to previous requirements pre Brexit and if traveling onwards to Europeans in Wales, health papers are straightforward and we we will facilitate that in Millstreet
  • Any riders from N Europe who wish to come via GB landbridge, Bramhams can also assist

Bramhams are happy to organise zoom meetings with WPC entrants so you can get a chance to ask questions and reassure people to the process which MGAI are happy to coordinate and we plan to host an initial meeting in April to answer  any queries you may have and to walk you through the process.

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