Resumption of MGAI Activities

March 28th 2021

We continue to be in a situation of uncertainty in regards to COVID restrictions. MGA Ireland will endeavor to run whatever training and events we are allowed through the 2021 season.

IMGA are also currently planning on going ahead with its programme of events, Europeans in Denmark (Teams all ages, and individuals U18s and opens). World Teams (U18 and opens) has moved to La Bonde in France. World individuals in Wales and World pairs in Newark, England. What is unclear are the regulations for traveling to these events and quarantine requirements going out and coming back. MGA Ireland will run trials for teams (probably in late May or early June) if it looks like we can get teams to these competitions.

Within Ireland, we are hoping that we will get up and running some time soon. When we get going our intention is to run local area training for 2 to 3 weeks. Then we will run individual competitions for about 2 weeks followed by a pairs league for 4 to 6 weeks. Depending on how the season then progresses we will slot in other competitions. Tentative dates for MGAI 2021 are contained on the enclosed list.

Our 4 major competitions for the season are penciled in as follows:

Sat 3 and Sun 4 July 2021 MGAI Individual Championships
Sat 24 and Sun 25 July 2021 MGAI Pairs Championships
Sat 28 and Sun 29 Aug 2021 MGAI Irish Masters
Sat 11 and Sun 12 Sept 2021 MGAI Irish Team Championships

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