World Pairs Championships – Millstreet July 28th-30th Update –

Web Shop now Open

  • Additional Shavings and Haylage can be preordered in advance or purchased whilst on site. Opening hours to be advised.
  • Hookups MUST be pre-ordered in advance. Closing Date: July 15th
  • WPC 2022 branded hoodies (pre order only) are available. Limited stock so early purchasing advisable. Closing Date: July 13th
  • Gala Tickets – Each pair gets two tickets as part of entry fee. Limited capacity. Any additional tickets can be purchased here.
  • Additional Stables. Each pair gets two stables as part of entry fee. Any additional stables can be purchased here
  • Supporter Packages. Each pair gets 4 supporter tickets. Additional tickets can be purchased here(access to all on site facilities plus Irish Night. Click here to buy additional supporter tickets.
  • Shower Tokens. Showers need tokens to operate(Time limited). Click here to pre-order. Also available to buy on site

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